Our Tribe is here to help you thrive.

If you have ever thought about getting your real estate license but were too nervous to jump in. Now is the time to put that fear aside and jump into a career that will be life changing. Our courses are designed to ensure you a prepared for the real estate exam. No matter if you are not the best test taker we have you covered. By the end of our course you will be 100% confident in taking the exam that all those worries go away.
This career is life changing and we would love to help change your life forever. With a company that is focused on your training and success you cannot go wrong. We are not looking to be the biggest brokerage but are looking to have the best agents at the table. What does that mean for you? Training, Coaching, Marketing Assistance, Masterminds and so much more.



Let's win in 2022

Some of us need a WIN. I am determined to help!
For me, it is about changing lives. It is about helping those with that fire in their belly. It is about watching people thrive and SOAR! 
We are moving mountains in 2021... Together! 

Georgia Real Estate Scholarship

Let's hit your goals together

Obtaining your real estate license can be expensive. Scholarships are available on an application basis. Candidates approved will be granted access to our Pre-license package for 90 days to complete their course.

This package includes:
75 hour Pre-licensing package
Exam Prep
Live Tutoring and Broker Advisement
Coaching and Mentoring once licensed

Meet Ashley Driessen

Ashley Drisessen was an independent agent for two years before speaking to Village Realty about her business. In March 2020, Ashley decided to join the mentorship program. Through Ashleys dedication and help from her mentor and teammates she was able to reach her goals and within 4 short months Ashley was able to become a full time agent.

Meet Aracely Carrera

Aracely Carrera has been active with Village Realty since May 2020 when she joined the mentorship program. Her 90 day goal was to close 6 transactions and with the help and support of her mentor and teammates she was able to hit her 90 day goal and graduate the mentorship program by closing 6 self generated leads.

Meet Fanta Darboe

Fanta started with Village in May 2020. Within 6 short months she graduated the mentorship program and has already closed 7 deals and has two more under contract and set to close this month. She has a projection of 11 deals closed by the end of the year. Fanta has gained most of her clients by self generated leads. She is very hard working and dedicated agent who enjoys helping others find their dream home.


You want something more out of life.
You hate that Atlanta commute every morning to a job you hate.
Want/Need more flexibility in your job.
Want a better work/life balance
Want a job where the work you put into it is what you get compensated for.
Not comfortable with just being average.
Enjoy helping others.

Want a more challenging job.
At a turning point in your life.
Want something new and exciting.
Because you are a team player who shares the recognition and the work.
Because you are a true sales professional who treats others right and has strong interpersonal skills.
Be your own Boss! 

Real Estate is Hard.



We now offer scholarships

Let's hit your goals together

Your future starts now! If you have been thinking about starting real estate but are nervous to make the first move give us a call. Let Village Premier Collection take the first step and invest in you! 

Our courses offer everything to ensure you are successful.

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