Welcome new client, my name is Niheshia! I am a mom of two, born and raised in Detroit Michigan but have now been an Atlanta resident for 17 years. The city girl with a country charm who has a firm belief in manifesting your greatness, and a desire to empower and motivate. I believe that hard work and focus, followed by action can bring any results that you desire. Once you put your actions with positive intentions, the things you need come to you. That's where I come in.

No matter what phase the market is in, real estate will always be a tool for gaining wealth. Therefore, it is important to align yourself with an expert to show the way that works best for you. I'm that person that would help you bridge that gap of getting your finances to work for you and help you tap into your investment mindset.

In addition to real estate, I have a background in sales and management which has been a useful tool when negotiating, which allows me to make sure we get the best possible outcome for you. My biggest reward is your satisfaction. And satisfaction Guaranteed!