Why Your Real Estate Logo Matters

May 27, 2018

As a Realtor, becoming a brand is key to growing your business. And what is something all great brands have? Brand recognition.

A logo is the gateway to this brand recognition, it’s not the whole story but paints a picture of the company. Call it superficial, but this small detail is a huge part of your business.

Your logo, no matter where it is, is a point of contact you have with potential clients. In this case, presentation of your brand is everything.

Brand image is more than a logo that identifies your business, product or service. Here are three reasons why your logo is key to becoming a known and trusted real estate brand.

Your logo is the first impression

Your logo is always displayed on your website, products, signage, business cards, invoices, and on and on. When your logo is weak, it can be pretty painful having to look at it a hundred times a week. Would you wear a t-shirt with your logo on it? If the answer is no, you need to have a logo created that you’re proud of.

We know that making a good first impression is important, especially in business. Clients will create an impression of your real estate business and brand based on a variety of factors, such as the way your efficiency, positive attitude, your website, your business cards, and your ability to get things done well for your client.

Your real estate logo is your visual reminder of your brand.

Do you know of a successful business that doesn’t have a logo?  Your real estate logo is one of the most important components of running a referral based business.  This can get overlooked by real estate agents who use their broker’s logo vs. developing their own.  Creating your own real estate logo is central to your long-term referral marketing efforts.

Businesses understand the importance of developing a brand and playing the long game. The ultimate goal should be to create a brand people have come to know, like, and trust.

You can probably spot an Apple device or a can of Coca-Cola from afar. It may look simple, but it takes a lot to make your brand recognizable to consumers. It’s not just about the logo or slogan; your brand image encompasses both visual elements and brand associations like reliability, trust, and quality.

The vast majority of business comes from referrals, not strangers

In today’s competitive real estate business, you need to represent your business and brand in an effective manner that stays in the mind of your customers and helps create a strong connect with them. A logo lets you communicate your business’s important elements visually and helps in proper branding and recognition of your business.

The reason why branding is so important to running a referral based real estate business is because staying on top of mind is everything.  If you are out of sight, you are out of mind.  60 percent of business each and every year comes from referrals, past clients, or people you already know.

Tired of feeling like just a number? Every Village Realtor is a partner in our shared mission to build a better real estate experience.

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