Turn Up Your Real Estate Game 360° with Matterport 3D Technology

May 22, 2017

We get it. Being in the real estate business isn’t a cakewalk. At times, you may feel like a little fish in a big pond, competing for leads and listings while juggling existing clientele.

It sometimes feels you are struggling to survive in the real estate sea. But what happened to flourishing? Sometimes all it takes is the right tools to catalyze your professional growth.

Look no further, we’ve found a tool for you! Create a 3D immersive experience to delight sellers, “wow” and accommodate buyers, and allure future clientele using Matterport 360° video technology.

As an innovation leader in real estate virtual marketing, Matterport claims: More Clients, Better Listings, & Real Emotion.

What are Matterport 3D Showcases?

Matterport 3D Showcases allow homebuyers to virtually tour properties (via a video platform) from any desktop or mobile device in three, unique viewing modes that are 99% dimensionally accurate. Utilize the Floorplan View to gain the traditional top-down perspective, the Dollhouse View to see the whole property at once, or the Inside View to walk around as if you’re actually on site. Every day, open houses are just a click away. With easy-to-use self-navigation, viewers control their experience, leading to feelings of autonomy that fuel decision making. In fact, viewers are 95% more likely to call and 300% more engaged.  

How Do I Get On Board?

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Purchase a Matterport Pro 3D Camera. In designing their revolutionary product, Matterport focused on ease of use, processing speed, device portability, and results reliability. For these reasons, the camera has the following features:

·      works alongside the Matterport Capture app for iPad

·      has only one button (the power button)

·      captures spaces via smart, automated rotation

·      requires no staging equipment (aside from a tripod)

·      weighs only 6.5 pounds

·      requires no WiFi (equipped with internal WiFi)

·      scans a typical property in an hour or less

·      processes scans/models in only a few hours

The caveat—one camera is $3,600. A Cloud Plan is then necessary for hosting and serving your Matterport Spaces (properties).  Depending on how many Spaces you plan to have active at any given time, Cloud Plans range from $49 to $149 a month or $499 to $1,499 a year. As an individual agent, your pricing would most likely fall at the lower end of this spectrum.

Contract through a Matterport Service Provider or Company

These four companies are Atlanta-based and use Matterport technology to produce digital marketing tools for your business. For an additional fee, Barnes Creative Studios (and likely the others) offer to generate social media content from these virtual tours. Take a look here.

VantagePoint 3D

We Get Around: Matterport Photography

Atlanta Marketing Professionals (AMP)

Barnes Creative Studios

To contact any of these service providers, simply visit their website and follow the posted instructions—pricing and offers may vary. If you’d prefer a broader selection of companies from which to choose, visit Matterport’s page for finding Matterport 3D services in the Atlanta area.

Finally, remember to consider the value of contracting with one of these providers versus investing in your own camera and video skills. You may uncover some mad video skills you never knew you had!

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