How To Nail the Real Estate Listing Presentation

June 21, 2017

One of the most vital things a Real Estate agent can do to succeed is master the listing presentation. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re building a real estate listing presentation and it’s hard to know exactly what your prospective client is looking for. Luckily if you follow these Do’s and Don’ts you are sure to make your appointments turn into listings. But first, here’s why the listing presentation is so important:

1. You will make more money in less time

Top producing agents get 75% of their income from listings sold and 25% from buyers. Basically, you should be spending lots of time and effort to perfect your listing for your client.

2. With listings, you are in control of your career

He or she who holds the listings is in control of the marketplace. You will have less stress and more fun when you focus on building your listing inventory. When you go to the listings, even if you don’t get all the listings, you feel a sense of accomplishment because you know you’re a step closer to getting one.

3. If you have listings you are immune to outside conditions

No matter what is going on in the economy around you, if you have a large inventory of listings, you are going to make a sale.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Listing Presentation

If you remember anything, let it be the Don’ts. If you DO any of these DON’TS your prospect will most likely go with your competitor, whether they were planning to interview other agents or not.  


Dress casually, leave your cell phone on, or show up late

Remember that this is basically a job interview. Keep your cell phone off, arrive 5-10 minutes early, and dress professionally.

Show up without comps

The number one question your potential client wants to know is, “How much can you sell my house for?” Do not show up without a price opinion, or a way to back up that opinion.  Another way to ensure that you won’t get the listing is to leave them with nothing. If you leave the sellers with nothing but your business card and lots of questions with nothing to reference back to you’re guaranteeing the listing goes to your competitor.

Say you have a buyer when you don’t

It is never good to start a relationship with a lie, plus there are better ways to show your client that you are capable of selling their house.  Instead, explain your value to your client by pointing out how many homes have sold in their neighborhood and show them your value.



Show your value

Introduce yourself and explain how you will best serve them. Any prospect is going to need to see that you’re capable of doing what you say you can do.  And there’s no better way to prove that than to outline some success statistics from recent months/years.

Build Rapport

You want to connect with sellers at a deeper level. You do this by being present. Being present means that you are more focused on what the client is saying, not what you are going to say next.

Keep it simple

Show them your process and tell them how you will walk them through the presentation. Let them know they can ask you questions at any time, make sure they feel comfortable. Having a calm and direct style of communication shows maturity and professionalism. Your listing presentation template needs to include an outlined timeline of the home selling process. Stay on brand and include high quality photos.

Practice it

Get more eyes on your listing presentation. Be careful to share your listing presentation with other agents. Your listing presentation is what sets you apart from your competition and is the tool that you use to survive in this industry. With that being said, share your listing presentation with friends and family that have recently sold with an agent. Get honest feedback, and then practice it.

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