Should Your Hire a Virtual Assistant?

June 15, 2018

Guest blogger, Nat Smiley, gives you his perspective on how your real estate business could benefit from a virtual assistant.

Over the last three years, I have worked with hundreds of Realtors to help them grow their business. Growing your business doesn't have to mean loads of work or more stress, but finding a way to make your life more organized and productive. Working with Realtors has allowed me to see one common theme from those who succeed: leverage.

Leverage is the secret to success. Great leaders put systems in place that allow for businesses to scale and run as efficiently as possible. So the question is, what part of your real estate business can you leverage to operate more efficiently?  

Start with Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

Dialing for dollars and chasing down leads for appointments can easily take up your whole day so it’s definitely one of the best things to delegate first. For this, I recommend starting with a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are less of a commitment than having someone in the office for 20-30 hours a week. Yet, they still get help take a load off your plate.

Think of the Recurring Tasks in Your Business

Once you have your lead generation on autopilot, think about all the weekly or monthly recurring tasks you have in your business and get as many of those off your plate as you can. Some good examples are: social media marketing, email marketing, transaction coordination, listing input, and pulling comps. These  can eat up your day and hold you back. Hand them off to someone else so you can focus on being a great Realtor and helping your clients.

Miscellaneous Tasks

Once you’ve gone through and delegated your lead generation and recurring tasks, look for the remaining miscellaneous tasks that show up from time to time in your business. These are things like, calling open house visitors or coordinating your semi annual postcards to be mailed out. These may only come up from time to time but once you train your assistant they can take it from there.  

I hope I could provide you a quick and helpful framework to grow your real estate business. Helping real estate agents more efficiently scale their business is something I’m really passionate about and proud to have helped hundreds of agents do so far. If you’re interested in growing and scaling your real estate business or feel overwhelmed feel free to reach out to me at or 404-421-8385. I’d be happy to talk with you.

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