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Selling a home this Summer? Here’s why you need an agent.

August 16, 2022

The housing market has been on fire for the past two years. And it can be tempting to try to sell your home on your own. But the market is now at a major turning point and it is important to have a real estate professional by your side to help you navigate this shifting market.

We’ve listed out a few key reasons why you need a real estate agent to represent you.

1. A real estate agent knows the latest market trends and can set the right price.

One of the top skills of a good realtor is negotiation skills.  They’ve had experience negotiating several home sales and are familiar with local market conditions. Agents know what’s driving demand in the market which gives them an advantage when it comes to knowing what terms are worth negotiating for. 

2. Having an agent will help you increase your pool of buyers.

Although you are able to list your home on Zillow,, and even the MLS without an agent, that;s not always enough to get your home sold fast and for top dollar. A good real estate agent has access to a large network of agents and potential buyers which can help spread the word about your property.

3 An agent can help you weed out unqualified buyers.

You put a lot of time and effort into listing your home. It takes time out of your day to show your home, so it’s important that you are only showing your home to buyers who have been pre approved. Having an agent by your side will help you determine if someone is really a qualified buyer. They are trained to ask the right questions to determine the seriousness of a buyer. 

Are you looking to get your home sold for top dollar? Contact us today!

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