Real Estate Marketing Fails

October 3, 2018

In today’s tremendously social environment, it is easier than ever to market yourself effectively. The biggest marketing fail would be to not take advantage of the ease of gaining leads through social platforms and email campaigns. Here are some mistakes that you want to avoid if you want to get as many leads as you can:

Having No Grasp On Your Personal Brand

When marketing yourself, it is important first and foremost to know what your personal brand is. If you have no direction, your marketing will be all over the place. Be able to summarize what you are about, your personal “elevator pitch,” and post content that is in line with your brand. If you are a Realtor who values community service, incorporate that in your posts and advertisements. Engage with current and potential clients by inviting them to various events that shows off your involvement in the community.

If you cannot sum up what you are about, your clients and leads will not be able to figure you out either. People are able to connect easily to a story, so tell a story by communicating your personal brand consistently through all of your marketing efforts.

Not Utilizing Your Previous Clients

People love to talk about the things that they love, so if you have done a great job with your clients, chances are they would love to rave about you to their friends and colleagues. You want to make sure that you are the first person to come to mind when their work friend says “My family is thinking of moving.” Start an email campaign and update past and current clients frequently on how and what you are doing. MailChimp is a great platform you can use for this service.

You also want to make it easy and worthwhile for past clients to talk about their experience with you. Have clients write reviews for you on your business Facebook page and offer some kind of incentive. Maybe put them in a raffle to win tickets to a Braves game or a giftcard to your favorite Atlanta restaurant; you could offer a prize that shows off your knowledge of the Atlanta area.

This point is so important because people are highly likely to trust the reviews of their peers, so you are likely to gain the best leads through word of mouth from past clients. Make sure to market to your past clients in a way that facilitates a lasting relationship with them.

Posting Just to Post

Everything you put on social media, on your website or in an email will contribute to your personal brand so it is important to consider each post and campaign carefully. You do not want to spam your clients and potential leads. This is absolutely a case of quality over quantity. Posting one really great post a week is better than posting ten just for the sake of posting. You want to be known for having engaging content that really aligns with your personal brand.

Posting excessively also dilutes your brand. It is good for people to be able to summarize what you’re about very quickly when they view your social platforms or physical advertisements. If you post an excessive amount of nonsense, followers will not understand who you are or what your personal brand is.

Not Having a Business Facebook/Instagram

This is a fail because it could not be easier to do. We even have a blog outlining the steps for setting up a business Instagram and the importance of it that you can read here! Business accounts have perks to help you market yourself effectively to reach your target audience and they also have easy points of contact for potential leads to get in contact with you. The accounts are completely free and there are honestly only positives to having a business account.

Marketing yourself well is easier than ever and the only real way to fail is by keeping it on the periphery of your business plans and goals. Give marketing the value it is due and utilize the many free tools that are so helpful in marketing effectively to your desired audience.

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