Real Estate in a Digital World

March 7, 2018

The world of real estate marketing and technology can get overwhelming. Chances are you didn’t go into real estate because you love marketing and technology, which is a good thing! Use your gift of building relationships to run your real estate business.

Of course, the digital world is a critical part of promoting and maintaining your brand— websites, email, social media and digital advertising all provide value and help you gain more prospects and leads. Although, digitalization is transforming many aspects of daily life, the advancement of the Internet is resulting in a decline in human interaction.

Real estate agents no longer control the information about real estate available for sale, but you can still control the real estate customer experience!  The way to compete against the technologies of the world trying to cut us out of the equation is to outperform them by adding that human touch.

Technology will never replace one on one human interaction. These “alternatives” ultimately compete on price, but price is not the only thing consumers care about.

In a 2015 research report titled “The Millennial Surprise,” Mattersight Corp. found that large percentages of this age group preferred person-to-person interaction over digital options in many instances. “Despite growing up in the digital age, millennials haven’t abandoned person-to-person contact,” said Mattersight CEO Kelly Conway in a PR Newser article. “Contrary to popular belief, we found that most millennials prefer to communicate in-person and over the phone because it allows them to have the most meaningful conversations.”

Basically, this rising generation of workers and consumers is, arguably, more social than ever, but prefers a substantial dose of human contact in the mix. While many Realtors may be seeking to digitize and automate their brand for efficiency and reach, clients of all generations are likely looking for real humanity, not a virtual version of it.

As a Realtor, you are constantly looking for new clients to work with.  Whether you are buying portal leads or you are referral based, the initial step should be to always set an appointment with prospects to learn about their needs and wants and then better advise.

The listing presentations or a buyer consultation allows you to demonstrate your expertise and advise your clients to make a more informed decision.

You need to research the local area, create the ideal buyer persona, and then create a marketing plan to speak to that particular audience. However, you cannot come up with that kind of marketing plan without first seeing the property yourself.

When you are meeting with prospects, it’s important to learn their needs. Not every seller is looking for the highest and best price for example.  Listen to what people want, and then create the best solution for them. This is something you can do that the internet cannot.

By creating your own customer service process for your clients, you are able to make the real estate journey simple and smooth and your business will grow. Also, keep in mind that over 60 percent of business each year comes from the people you know, past clients, or referrals. If your process isn’t personal, will people recommend you?

Human interaction is crucial for all stages of the home buying or selling process. Considering the emotional journey of purchasing a property, the digital world simply will not cut it. Although it is important for Realtors to keep up with the demand of technology, a personal approach and knowledge of the local area are something a computer cannot offer.

Keep your business personal, catering specifically to your client’s needs, and the internet cannnot replace you.

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