How to Stay Passionate About Real Estate

May 29, 2019

Like any profession, you may find yourself in a slump from time to time if you keep doing the same old thing in your real estate business. While there is nothing wrong with that, it may be time to spice things up and remind yourself why you started in this field in the first place! Here are some ways you can reignite your passion for real estate if you feel like things have slowed down.

Make a List of Big Professional Goals

... And work towards accomplishing them! If you are bored, it may be time to challenge yourself. You could have hit a plateau and gotten comfortable in doing the same old thing. Look at the number of closings you had the prior year and attempting to increase that number significantly, try farming a new neighborhood, or trying a new marketing technique. Think of something you have always wanted to accomplish  and remove any barriers you have in your mind that get in the way.

Make A Quick Change

Consider your day-to-day, is there anything you could change? Are there little things that bother, bore or inconvenience you that you could do without? Make easy changes in your everyday life, let those changes settle in, then re-asses how you feel. Maybe you need to spend less time on the computer and more time out in the community. Maybe you need to switch up your workspace. Maybe you even need to work at different times of the day than you have been working. Whatever it may be, it never hurts to make small changes to see if anything takes any stress off of your day-to-day.

Find A Mentor or Mentee

What better way to get excited about real estate again than to remind yourself of why you started in the first place? Having a mentee or mentor can help you to stay sharp on all things real estate, keep in touch with the things that other Realtors have learned, and reignite your passion for the field. A mentee can be a new agent to your team or you can let friends/family know that you are looking to take on a mentee and have people referred to you. Ask around your brokerage office to find a mentor - plenty of experienced agents are willing to pay it forward.

Explore a New Area

If you concentrate on one neighborhood, it may be time to switch it up. You don’t have to completely leave your literal comfort zone but it never hurts to expand a little. Atlanta is full of up-and-coming neighborhoods and there are always opportunities to establish yourself in a new neighborhood! A great way to make your way into new neighborhoods is by reaching out to your personal network. Maybe they are moving or know someone who is, but reaching out to familiar or mutual connections is a great way to reach new communities.

Get Inspired!

Remember why you started! Take some time to visit old clients as a reminder of the life changes you are helping to create. Explore the MLS to find your dream listing. Plan out your next splurge for your next commission check. Whatever

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