How to Conquer Four Common Realtor Mistakes

May 11, 2018

Continuing to make the same mistakes can be a sure sign it's time to try something new. If you find yourself struggling to get a smooth system down, here are the most common mistakes Realtors make and how to prevent them.

Letting details fall through the cracks

We get it- real estate is hard. Not everyone can hire an assistant, or is the most organized person. But this shouldn’t mean you let details fall through the cracks. Real estate is awesome for a multitude of reasons- you make your own hours, you are your own boss, and you get to support your clients and guide them through the journey of buying or selling their home. Although, it can get tough to juggle everything without proper training, motivation, or deadlines. Not only is it important to come across professional, but if you are missing certain forms or associated paperwork, you can get yourself and others into hot water. So how should you avoid this? Find a system that works for you to track deadlines and appointments, connect it to your calendar and set reminders. Once you get a system down you will find your more efficient and less stressed. Need more tips for productivity? Check out our blog Spring into a More Productive You.

Communicating poorly

Communication is key. And this means on all sides. Keeping a constant line of communication with the cross-sale agent during negotiations can also end a potential delay. Understanding your clients “why” and “what” will keep them much happier and provide an overall better experience for them. You have to get to know your clients and their wants and needs so you are able to work for their best interest.

Not investing in education

The more you learn the more you earn. Not only will expanding your knowledge and going to those extra CE classes benefit you but it will benefit your client. Clients want the best possible Realtors and by having this extra knowledge you will be able to gather more experience and expand your clientele.

Failing to seize the day

Making the most of your days is crucial as a Realtor. Unlike most careers you aren’t in the office from 9-5 cranking out work. Which is great… but for someone who is bad at time management, this can be disaster. So how can you best seize the day? Organization and time management will become your new best friend- set deadlines if they don't exist, have realistic expectations and goals. Many people say that they work better under pressure of deadlines, and lots of research says this is true! Look at what you have to do, start by doing a tiny task that you need to do. Or, do the task you desire to do the least, first.

Being a Realtor is all about a healthy work life balance. And because you don’t have set hours you have to be even more cautious of how you spend your time. Learning to say no to friends, or cutting back on other commitments will help you seize the day!

Real estate is hard and breaking into a new career can be especially intimidating. Here at Village Realty we want you to be the best agent you can be.

Tired of feeling like just a number? Every Village Realtor is a partner in our shared mission to build a better real estate experience.

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