9 Facebook Content Ideas

October 4, 2018

According to Sprout Social, 79% of internet users log on to Facebook, and every 8 out of 10 Americans are on the internet. That is a big deal. If you are not using Facebook as a platform to market yourself and gain leads, I would think again. To get you started, or just to give your creative brain a break, here are some content ideas to fill your Facebook feed!

Your Story as a Realtor

People love to connect to a story, so if you have never told the story of your journey to becoming a Realtor, it would be a great thing to do. Potential leads will be able to really understand your passion as a Realtor and read about how you have grown, overcome various roadblocks, and persevered because of your passion. Understanding your context will help potential leads connect with you.

Facebook Live from an Open House

Before your next open house starts, go on Facebook Live and give a limited tour of the home, showing off some good features but not showing everything so that people have to come to your open house to check out the rest! Remind your viewers of the location and the times the open house will be held.

Share Events

Stay on top of event postings around the area that you typically work and share them to your feed. Make sure include a description of why you think the event would be valuable or worthwhile to people who follow you. If there is a new play at the Fox, make sure to check out the reviews, or go see it for yourself first so you can offer a substantial perspective on the event. Be mindful of what events you recommend. If it something that is not necessarily family friendly, disclose that to your followers. If you are not sure, do not post about it!

A “My Favorite _____” Series

Facebook allows you to share places to your feed, and this is very helpful for making recommendations. So showcase your knowledge of the community by sharing your favorite restaurants, parks, coffee houses, or gyms. You can go to the page of the place you want to highlight and there is a “Share” button. Write a little blurb about the place and share it with your followers! Aside from sharing your knowledge, people also just love a good recommendation. What may start out as someone just going to the restaurant you recommended could end up with that person needing to buy a new house a few months down the line and you could be the first Realtor to come to mind.

A Day in the Life of a Realtor

While being a Realtor does offer up some very diverse days, give your followers a glimpse into what it is you do on a “typical day” (and what you could do for them if they hire you). Give some insight into your process for helping your clients and help people to visualize what it would be like to work with you.

Q & A Facebook Live

Host a Q & A to answer people’s most prominent real estate questions. Post about it a few days before and maybe even make a Facebook event for it. Tell your followers that you will answer as many questions as possible in a 30 minute or one hour period. Prepare for a few minutes of awkwardness at the beginning and maybe if it drags in the middle and answer questions that people have often asked in the past.

Real Estate Trend Watch

Post about the latest happenings in real estate and offer your perspective. Are there up and coming neighborhoods that people should be looking into? Post about it and offer your perspective. Give people insight and a reason to consider a knowledgeable Realtor. You do not need to have any argumentative or overbearing tone, but take your extensive knowledge into account and post about what you know.

Updates About Yourself

As you grow and learn as a Realtor, update people on what you are learning. You will never know it all or be finished growing, so invite people into your growth and your process and share how you are continually bettering yourself. If you rebrand, change brokerages, join a

Content From Other Platforms

Share your Instagram posts, blog posts, website posts, etc. to your Facebook. Since Facebook is where you will have the largest and and most diverse audience, it is good to share your content from various platforms so that people know that you exist on these other platforms and so they follow you on those platforms.

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