Client Appreciation Event Ideas

December 21, 2021

Maintaining client relationships, even past the closing table, is important to establishing your real estate career. You want every client to be a repeat client to keep your business thriving. Client Appreciation events are one way to keep clients involved with your business and a great way to just say thank you. Here are some event ideas for you:

1. Holiday Party

The ideas for a holiday party are endless. You could do free photos with Santa, have a craft station or cookie decorating for kids, get amazing holiday food catered, or raffle off some great must have gifts.

2. Sporting Event

Buy a block of tickets to a local sporting event and invite your most dedicated clients! To make this more affordable, consider going to a college or semi-professional event.

3. Free Family Photo Sessions

This is a great idea especially if you have a friend who is a great photographer and willing to donate their time or give you a discount.

4. Cocktail Party

Give your clients a reason to get dressed up and enjoy some delicious drinks for an evening!

5. Game Night

Even better if you can find a local brewery or bar to host this event. Just make sure and bring a variety of board games.

6. Rent Out a Movie Theater

Wait for when a big blockbuster hit is coming out, then rent an entire theater and invite all your clients, past and present. They'll love it!

Most importantly, whatever you choose to do for your clients, make sure to document it well on social media! It can help increase your traffic and show people that being your client is the way to go. You can also consider partnering with another local agent on some of these ideas to make it an even bigger affair. Happy planning!

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MarketingClient Appreciation Event Ideas

Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Client Appreciation events are one way to keep clients involved with your business and a great way to just say thank you.

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