Becoming a Neighborhood Expert

June 21, 2018

Guest blogger, Meghan Holder, explains the importance of being a neighborhood expert and her knowledge on what clients are looking for in a Realtor.

Growing up in the metro Atlanta area and living in multiple in-town neighborhoods has taught me one thing: Atlanta and her surrounding communities are full of neighborhoods with their own distinct personalities. As a real estate agent, it’s up to you to know the ins and outs of the communities you serve. From knowing the market statistics to help price a home for a seller to being familiar with local attractions to find the right fit for a buyer, showing your expertise to your client will help you stand out in a sea of agents.

Here are four quick ways to grow and show your expertise:

Use your tools

There are handy features in FMLS and GAMLS to help you quickly pull market stats using zip code, city, subdivision/complex, school district, etc. Walking into a buyer or seller consultation, armed with information, will position you as the expert and build trust with your client. Pick a new area each day to research.

Bonus: Take an extra step and create a one-page neighborhood snapshot to leave with your client. Be sure to alert them if you notice any changes in your daily research.

Walk the neighborhood

Research is a great place to start, but you need to spend some time in a neighborhood to truly learn it. Take the time to walk or drive the streets. Learn street names and local landmarks and reference them with your clients. If you are working with a buyer, look for the local spots important to them (schools, community centers, parks, etc.) and be sure to point them out when showing homes. Take them to a local coffee shop or restaurant after a showing and let them get a feel for the community. If you are working with a seller, attend other open houses in the area and learn what is important to people looking to buy in the community.

Get involved

Find a local volunteer organization to serve or an event to sponsor. Attend a community meeting. No one knows a neighborhood like the people who live there. Genuinely seeking to serve a community and getting to know the residents and will build trust between you and the community. You will learn information you can’t find in any searches.

Bonus: If you are consistently staying engaged, the relationships you build could very well turn into referrals and clients.


Turn your research and local expertise into written content. Use the blog feature on your website to create a community following. Compile a list of upcoming events in the area. Review a local shop or restaurant. Highlight a service organization and encourage your readers to get involved. Not only will your website show up in web searches related to the community, but you can cross promote your blog posts on your social media and reinforce yourself as the community expert.

Start with these four steps and you are on your way to becoming a trusted neighborhood resource and expert. Now get out there and learn about your city!

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