7 Daily Habits Of Top Realtors

June 26, 2017

Real estate agents don’t become top agents by simply going through the motions.

Agents work hard to create fresh content, generate leads, please their clients, and stay up to date on real estate trends.

By implementing these seven habits you are sure to make the most out of your day and week. You will be more efficient and your business will thank you.

Time Management

Real estate agents are small business owners. You must maintain your business, find new clients, and be up to date on market trends. The only way you can do all that successfully, while setting and achieving goals is smart time management.

Plan Your Day Before it Starts

Every great real estate agent plans their day so they can be the most productive. Every Sunday night, write or type all the tasks and meetings you have for the week. Write an hour-by-hour schedule for each day. By doing this you will make the most out of your day. Being organized will allow you to focus on and accomplish everything you need to get done.

Write Daily

This does not mean you have to post a blog daily, but work on content every day. Brainstorm new ideas and try to put out a blog weekly.

Check Your Social Media

Social media as an agent should be as essential to you as your email. If you aren't engaging daily, you are missing opportunities to interact with your database. Social media is the number one way to network in your community.

Put Your Clients First

Putting the client's needs before your own is vital. Having open communication with clients will develop trust. Clients that trust you turn into repeat business and referrals. When you meet with the client for the first time explain the process and a few scenarios that could occur. Let the client know that you are negotiating for them and reply to them quickly.

Practice and Study

Set aside time every day to read articles on real estate. Keep up with what is going on with real estate around the country and in your city. Read up on new technologies and marketing techniques. Follow experts outside of the real estate industry to find out what you can apply to your business.

Learn More About the Neighborhoods

Successful agents are always learning more about their area. They know all the crucial housing and demographic data as well as events going on in their areas. Becoming a resource for local events will pay off in the long run with clients.

By implementing these 7 habits you are sure to step your real estate game up to the next level.

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