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5 Things Sellers Need to Do Before Closing Day

March 10, 2022

Your Closing Day is almost here! You and your real estate agent can barely contain your excitement. There's still a few things to take care of though, before you turn off the lights and say goodbye to your former home.

1. Complete all the repairs and maintenance

If you agreed to the buyers' request for certain repairs or maintenance those need to be completed and a final walk through conducted. That's usually a day or two before closing.

2. Cancel Utilities

About a week before you close, start contacting all your utility providers to notify them of your move. Schedule the shut off for the day after Closing,

3. Get Your Paperwork Together

If you have paperwork to pass onto the new owners, start getting that together before Closing. Examples are:

- User manuals

- Warranty paperwork

- HOA documents

- Contact info of maintenance companies you have used

4. Bring Necessary Funds

If you are helping the buyers with their closing costs, you will need to bring the exact amount that's listed on your settlement statement.

5. Leave Behind Items for Closing Day

Make sure all your belongings are moved out of the house and you leave behind (or take to closing with you) the following:

- All House Keys

- Garage Door Openers

- Gate Codes

- Info for Smart Home Devices

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