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5 Simple Ways To Become A More Likable Realtor

August 1, 2017

It all starts with one value: Be Nice. No one will want to work with you if you aren’t genuine or don’t seem interested in what the other person has to say. Being a kind and trustworthy person definitely helps when working with your client but here are some other traits the most likeable and successful agents have.

Likable people have emotional intelligence
This means they’re not only aware of their own emotions but also sensitive to others. It is important to understand the emotional factor your client will go through when selling or buying a home. People take pride in their home and being a calming and understanding presence in the midst of the emotions is what differentiates good Realtors from great ones.

Say the prospects or clients name repeatedly:
Charismatic people are often described as entering a room and making the person they are talking to feel like the most important person in the room. They know the power of someone’s name. Your name will be the first thing they ask for, and almost every question they ask will use your name. Make a habit of starting and ending conversations using a potential client’s name, such as: “It’s nice to see you, Katie,” or “It was nice talking with you, Katie.” When you say a person’s name, you demonstrate both interest and respect for them.

Give prospects or clients the floor to speak first:
People love to talk about themselves. By giving them the floor to speak first and allowing them to explain their story you are showing them you care. Asking open-ended questions or questions asking for clarification show the prospect that you’re listening and you care about their responses.

Show you have interests outside of real estate
Being a well-rounded person is another trait of likable real estate agents. Showing your clients that you have interests outside of real estate demonstrates that you can balance work with your social life. Anything you can do to make yourself seem more relatable will help your prospect trust you. Remember, everyone wants a Realtor they can call a friend and makes finding a home less stressful.

An enthusiastic personality:
Show people that this is your passion and you love what you do. Demonstrating to people that you are happy to be working with them and eager to put the clients needs first will show your prospects that they can trust you. That energy will be infectious and will turn prospects into clients.

Remember to be kind, friendly, and honest. Clients want a friendly face they can trust and by applying these traits you are sure to turn prospects into clients. Here at Village Realty we want to change the way people think of the word “Realtor.”

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